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Angelo State University professor Dr. William A. Taylor publishes fifth book

This military publication details the history of the draft in the United States during World War II.
Credit: Angelo State University

SAN ANGELO, Texas — The 20 century was, in many ways, a time of war and conflict in the United States and abroad. 

This was especially true during the late 1930s through mid-1940s during World War II. 

In order to attain more military members for the war, the U.S. created the Selective Service System, better known as the draft. 

After the war, the country began accepting volunteers and this is the focus of a new book by Angelo State University global security studies professor Dr. William A. Taylor.

Taylor's historical grant-funded research led him to write The Advent of the All-Volunteer Force: Protecting Free Society, which is his fifth published book to date. 

The composition is part of a series titled Critical Moments in American History and it also won an award for 2021 Sharon Ritenour Stevens Prize from the American Association for Documentary Editing. 

Previously, Taylor has been recognized for editing two book series, helping with 24 books and publishing more than 95 articles and reviews.

His work can be found in 55 countries across the globe and he has also received various awards of recognition during his time as professor at ASU. 

Taylor's book is available for purchase at various retailers including Amazon, Barnes and Noble and more. 

He makes history come to life through his extensive research and storytelling skills. 

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