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Are you covered? Why your auto insurance policy may not cover certain damage

Comprehensive coverage isn't required for all autos in North Carolina. Without it, you will pay out of pocket for non-collision damage.
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GREENSBORO, N.C. — Rainy weather is not optimum driving weather. It's not even good weather to park outside. Wind can break branches and drop them right on your windshield. And if that happens…

“That's more than likely going to be a comprehensive claim, similar to a rock flying off another vehicle and hitting your windshield and cracking that,” said Christopher Cook of Alliance Insurance Services.

Are you covered? Do you have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy? Comprehensive coverage isn't automatic unless you have a new car or a car loan. Auto insurance has several components.

Liability Coverage

This is when you get into a crash. Liability covers bodily injury or property damage to other drivers, this is required in NC.

Collision Coverage

This covers the actual crash damage to the car, this is required too in NC.

Comprehensive Coverage

This covers theft, damage to your auto due to theft, a break-in, a falling tree, and ice. This coverage is not required on all vehicles.

If you don't have it, you're out of luck. You'll be paying for any damages out of your own pocket and thanks to inflation and supply chain issues, you could be paying 20% more for parts not to mention waiting longer for the parts to come in.


An insurance adjuster normally deems a car a total loss if the cost to repair the car exceeds 70% of the value of the car. With the increase in repair costs and parts, the chip and shortage situation sets up for more cars to be totaled, possibly even when they hit the 50% mark. The bottom line is this, don't be surprised if your car insurance premium goes up. In fact, expect it.


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