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Arkansas woman grabs officer's crotch, drinks vodka during arrest, police say

A couple was arrested on March 4 in Mountain Home after a domestic disturbance. The woman

MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. — A Mountain Home couple was arrested by the Baxter County Sheriff's Office after a domestic dispute on March 4. The woman reportedly grabbed an officer's crotch while detained at the police station, according to a police report.

Linda Evans called the police on her boyfriend, Gary Bean, for getting drunk and throwing things around the house. The man knocked the phone out of her hand during the call, according to the 911 dispatcher.

Officers were told that the caller, Evans, had a warrant for her arrest. 

When deputies arrived at the camper trailer on Highway 62 East, one heard Bean yelling threats at Evans. They knocked on the door and were let in by Evans. 

Credit: KTHV

Officers saw broken glass and other items strewn throughout the trailer. Evans showed them her broken phone and confirmed that Bean knocked it out of her hand while on the phone with 911.

The two showed signs of drunkenness and had bottles of alcohol next to them. Bean was asked to stand up and initially said he would not go. He then agreed to go with the police but started cursing at Evans and the officers.

Police discovered a bottle of hydrocodone pills in Bean's pocket. He denied knowing what the pills were and said they were not his.

The other officer told Evans she had warrants for her arrest. She grabbed a nearby vodka bottle and drank as much as she could before being arrested.

The two were taken to jail in separate vehicles. 

While in the booking area, Evans reached out and grabbed an officer's crotch.

A jailer found another hydrocodone pill near Bean, making 15 pills recovered during the incident.

Evans was charged with disorderly conduct for grabbing the officer. Bean was charged with terroristic threatening, interference with emergency communications and possession of a controlled substance. His bail was set at $10,000. Bean was to be served a no-contact order once he was sober.