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19-year-old San Angelo native publishes 1st children’s book

Born and raised in San Angelo, children’s author Macy Burnett has begun her journey to achieving her dreams and becoming a household name.
Credit: Macy Burnett

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Macy Burnett has taken her first steps towards the best sellers list already at the age of nineteen. Burnett always knew that she wanted to be a writer, and after she moved to Port Aransas for an adventure, she was ready to try to tackle her first book. She was working at a souvenir shop on the coast with a tank full of hermit crabs, which are nocturnal. She said inspiration struck after so many tourists asked what hermit crabs do at night. Her imagination took off as she finally had an idea for her book.

After living approximately six months in Port Aransas and now moving to Weatherford, Texas, Burnett has now published her children’s book called What Do Hermit Crabs Do At Night? Burnett said her book encourages children to explore the world as it details the story of a group of hermit crabs living in a souvenir shop. The hermit crabs escape their home to see the rest of the store and go on an adventure.

Credit: Macy Burnett

Since she is just starting out, Burnett said she thought it would be best if she self-published this book, which means she is her own boss and takes care of everything. She had to find her own illustrator Julia Ruprecht, call each book store to request their cooperation, set up a system for people to order books, work with a printing company to make the physical books, and ship them out herself. Burnett has been a one-woman show from the start and is working to keep up with the demand. She received her first order of 150 books on Valentine’s Day and is now having to reorder more.

Burnett is also about to start a new job as a kindergarten teacher, so her plate is about to get fuller. She said she suddenly has many exciting ideas for children’s books, but they are put on hold as she focuses on meeting the supply of What Do Hermit Crabs Do At Night?

The experience of creating and releasing her own book has taught her a lot, said Burnett. She said she also learns more and more each day about how to send manuscripts to publishing houses and how they operate. Burnett said she is confident her next book will be able to be published under a company, and she will no longer have to be the sole advocate.

The book is only $6.99 which includes shipping. Right now, Burnett is still working on the website, but she does have an easy-to-use Google form for people to order their books at. The link for What Do Hermit Crabs Do At Night? is https://forms.gle/NeD336rmyob5DL6G8