Brazilian college student Isadora Scachetti traveled all the way from South America to study veterinarian science at Western Veterinary Hospital in San Angelo.

"I know a man in Brazil, and he told me about the doctor, and I research about the doctor and the hospital and I love, so I talked about coming here and I came here," Scachetti said.

Scachetti is almost finished with her degree. Scachetti said she needs a three-month internship to graduate. Scachetti said she wanted to come to America to learn what she couldn’t in her home country.

"Different. Here we have more technology. The machines are very different than in Brazil, but the surgery is the same in Brazil, but the technology is better than Brazil,” Scachetti said.

Scachetti's family was hesitant about her traveling over 4000 miles to America, but with time they came around to the idea.

“My mother is a vet, so I loved the profession. I always loved the animals and the profession. See my mother work so I always knew I would always be a vet,” Scachetti said.

Scachetti said she is currently in week one of her internship-- and she is fearless. She has already been hands on in a cat dental extraction and a surgery for a horse with a deformed foot

“No no. Scary? No. The mini horse he walks "like this" it was easy I think not too long,” Scachetti said.

Scachetti said she’s excited for her future as a vet. Scachetti wants to take what she has learned here in San Angelo back with her to help animals in Brazil.

“I think I will learn more. Three months is a lot of time. I have many things to see,” Scachetti said.