SAN ANGELO, Texas — From being a teacher’s aid to having his own classroom, Victor Valdez is a first-year teacher at Goliad Elementary in San Angelo. Valdez’s first day on the job at school will be his students first day at school as well.

“Kindergarten isn’t bad but you have to have special people to work in that grade,” Valdez said.

The most daunting part was for Valdez not the fact that he would be in charge of 18, eager five-year- olds, but how bare the classroom was when he received the keys to room 306.

“It’s a little over whelming to say the least because when you come in its an empty classroom you don’t know what needs to be where,” Valdez said.

Luckily Valdez had helpful friends down the hall donating and giving advice on how to piece together a creative learning environment.

“At certain point when I was setting up my room I was stuck I was like what do I do,” Valdez said.

Due to help and generosity of others Valdez said he only had to spend $200 on his room, but he knows other first year colleagues that weren’t as fortunate and said most first year teachers spend $500 to $1,000 just on setting up an engaging classroom.

“They don’t realize what goes into the classroom they don’t know the financial perspective of it. It can add up pretty quick,” Valdez said.

Valdez's classroom is now trimmed with the alphabet, decked with color and cubbies numbered, ready for the first morning bell to ring. Valdez said no matter the cost or the days of preparation, he would do it all over again for his students

“At the end of the day we are not worried about how much it cost we are just worried about how does our room look and is it welcoming for students,” Valdez said.