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Good wings give local woman the power to soar

On National Chicken Wing Day, one woman who used to stand behind the fryer said cooking wings gave her the strength to "fly."

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Denise Rose is a former employee at Roosters in San Angelo and saw firsthand the impact good chicken could have on a person. Rose admits wings weren’t always her favorite - she was more of a tender girl.

“The wings to me just didn’t have enough meat and I’m not big on bones,” Rose said.

In between jobs for six years and just trying to make ends meet, Rose continued at the restaurant, always looking towards better things.

“I was working with someone I couldn’t work with anymore, so I had to fly away,” Rose said.

Rose stayed motivated to provide for her and her two girls never forgetting her goal.

“Those wings have to mature and once you've got those wings, you're able to fly endlessly go somewhere and work them, work them get them strong,” Rose said.

Rose has now moved to a better, more stable career where she can support herself and her family, but she never forgot where she came from.

“This place has really given me the strength to move forward I got my wings and I flew, but I always fly back to the nest,” Rose said.