SAN ANGELO, Texas — As summer ends, San Angelo leaders are hoping to redesign and reconstruct the lake that attracts so many each year, but it's what lies beneath the lake floor that is docking the City's development ideas.

"Ultimately, we have reached capacity at the Lake Nasworthy area we halted development at the airport and south side of the lake because of system capacity," Allison Strube, City of San Angelo Water Utilities Director, said.

The capacity Strube is referring to is the sewage pipeline that runs north under Lake Nasworthy, parallel to Knickerbocker Road. It is a single, uncased pipe that can't support further development or future business growth.

"Any new major construction wouldn’t be allow because of the systems limitations," Strube said.

Residents will be able to vote for or against the Lake Nasworthy sewer project on the November ballot. The proposed expansion plan would add a second pipeline running parallel to one another, east from the lake.

"This will be a case lake crossing so if there was any failure you have that extra protection of a case system and it also provides a dual barrel system so if there was a line down for maintenance you can use the other to get sewage across," Strube said.

The proposed project is expected to cost $32 million, but residents would only be voting to use $10 million from the Lake Nasworthy trust fund - the remaining balance would be financed.