SAN ANGELO, Texas — Kayla Henry is a new mom to 13-month-old Titan. Henry said she is happily married and just moved to San Angelo with her husband. Life has been great for her family, but there was one thing she was fighting and constantly trying to hide.

“I noticed my hair loss right after I started breast feeding,” Henry said.

Henry began losing the hair along her hair line, despite her efforts of taking vitamins. Henry even used her knowledge of hair health from being a hair stylist, but nothing worked.

“It was awful, we did crazy things with my hair because we had to cover it up I looked like old man with my receding hairline,” Henry said.

In the exam room at Esperanza Clinic, OBGYN Dr. Cindy Stokes said what happened to Henry isn't uncommon after baby.

“Hair loss happens after pregnancy one to six months. It’s in response to a drop of hormones after you deliver,” Stokes said.

Stokes said all women experience some type of hair loss, it just happens that others lose more. Stokes said there is nothing that moms can do to prevent the this from happening.

“You can’t predict it and you can’t prevent it,” Stokes said.

Henry's hair has now grown back, but the journey of watching her hair grow back was also a battle within itself.

“It’s kind of a love hate relationship as your hair comes back in because you see it but as it comes in it sticks straight out because its short,” Henry said.

Henry said that moms need to start talking to one another about what really happens after the baby is born and to not be ashamed of their story.

“I think as women, we don’t talk about these things it’s like a taboo subject until you have a baby you feel like you’re the only one going through this,” Henry said.