SAN ANGELO, Texas — If you walk down Twohig Avenue in San Angelo you'll see what was once left for trash has turned into a San Angelo treasure.

“There was ten thousand pounds of trash because dirt had filtered in here and it took a bulldozer and seven trash cans to get it all out of here,” Raymond said.

Julie Raymond is the president of Art in Uncommon Places and one of the 35 artists that has their creation up for show in in the pop art exhibit.

“We are very lucky that these people will donate, and we will call and ask, and they are just so great to say yes,” Raymond said.

Raymond said it wasn’t a walk in the park bringing the popin' creation to life.

“When we first began it was hard we were like give us the spot give us the chance they gave us Paint Brush Alley and they saw the change and how much the community needed a place to lift your soul,” Raymond said.

With help from grants and support of volunteers in the community, the Pop Art Museum will now be free for all to enjoy for years to come.