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Shannon Medical Center welcomes diligent robot, 'Moxi'

Shannon Medical Center welcomes "Moxi", a new care team delivery robot.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Shannon Medical Center welcomed a new technology partner to help facilitate the workload of nurses and care teams. Shannon is one of the first hospitals in the country to implement “Moxi,” a diligent robot to its installations.

“She is a point-to-point delivery system for our hospital so she can go between different units and go to the lab, pharmacy and central sterile to be able to pick up supplies so that nurses do not have to leave the unit to pick those things up and it’s a big-time saver and staff satisfaction,” Shannon Medical Center Director of Innovation, Steven Short, said.

He said Moxi will help nurses by saving time completing tasks outside of their units. 

“I think Shannon as a whole will benefit the most…it’s going to be a big staff satisfaction and time saver for our nurses and allow them to spend more time caring for our patients which is what we want our nurses to do,” Short said.

Moxi has a human learning system - the more the robot is used, the more it will learn to adapt to the environment and complete tasks faster.

“We are able to request it for anything that we need, any equipment that may be in different departments or medications from the pharmacy or anything like that it can bring it down to us… anything that isn't super timely. Also, having it available to send lab specimens that we weren't able to send through our tube system so it’s an added benefit,” Shannon Medical Center Nurse Manager, Michael Smith, said. 

He said Moxi is already a big help. 

“It won't take us away from the bedside nearly as much to go downstairs and wait for somebody to be available, we can allow Moxi to do that for us,” Smith said. 

Moxi will run 24/7, assisting staff and facilitating daily tasks. 

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