SAN ANGELO, Texas — Texas is changing. According to the Texas demographic center, Texas population went from 47% people of color and 53% white in 2000 to Texas in 2017 being 58% people of color and 42% whites. These numbers are reflected in Texas politics as well. In 2018, Beto O’Rourke came close to taking the senate seat from republican Ted Cruz. David Currie is the Chairman for the Tom Green County Democratic Party, and he said that slowly more and more democrats are being elected into office for the Lone star state. He credits this to more people moving to Texas.

On Thursday, Jan. 4, Julian Castro announced on Twitter that he was stepping back from the presidential race. Currie said that one of the reasons Castro fell short was that he couldn’t manage to get the traction under him. He said that Castro made a strategical mistake when he didn’t run for Texas governor in 2018 because with Beto also running, they could have made progress. There are 14 candidates left in the running. Currie said that as for San Angelo democrats, their main concern is that their candidate has civility, respect, and cares for public education.

Democrats are putting their focus on what happens in New Hampshire and Iowa, two battleground states. However, Currie said that people should wait until Super Tuesday to have a proper idea of whop is leading the race. This is because larger states such as Texas and California are included. With Texas’ demographics shifting, candidates should pay attention. Texas may not be as solid red as it was before.