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AT&T declined payment text message isn't for real

Even if you were worried about it being real, you should never click the link. Always go to the app or website yourself and log in to your account.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — The latest scam text from "AT&T" makes you think something is wrong with your bill.

It says Billing decline. To continue using your services you are required to update your information here. The link has "my user ATT" in it to make it look real.

The scammers know how to get our attention. The last line threatens to close your service if you don’t update the info with the link.

“The urgency of the message can trick you into making that hasty decision and clicking on that link without thinking about it,” said Monica Horton of the Better Business Bureau.

Clicking on the link and putting in your information is the last thing you want to do. Anytime you get something like this, look for the sender.

In this example, you can't read it all, so you're going to click on this arrow at the top of the text message where the picture is. When you do, the full sender address comes up and it’s an email address of sorts.  Even if it had AT&T in it, businesses don't send text messages from senders like this.

Instead, look for a four to six-digit number. Legit businesses that text you don’t use phone numbers like a 10-digit phone number and do not use emails.

But what if the text you get looks so real and you're anxious about your account? Don't click the link in the text or email.

Instead always go to your account, whether that's on your app or on the main site. You can see what's really happening.


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