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Black History: PRCA Tory Johnson

Tory Johnson credits his love of rodeo leading him to the PRCA

SAN ANGELO, Texas — “If you want to be great at something you always give a 100 percent. Does not matter if its basketball or baseball,” Professional Rodeo Cowboy Association steer wrestler Tory Johnson said.

He choose to be a great steer wrestler.

 Johnson grew up in Oklahoma, and fell in love with rodeo scene when he was three years old. What makes him special is - Johnson is a third-generation black cowboy.

Johnson first started his rodeo life with calf-roping and bull riding. Until one day he told a bunch of guys who were steer wrestling they were doing it wrong.

"Me being a daredevil I know I decided to get on a horse and try out for the first time," Johnson said.

He is proud of his heritage, but that does not affect him when he rides. For him it is all about the blessings that God has given him.

"I just feel like I'm just blessing to you know come out of my element, my comfort zone jump in it and just I haven't turned back since," Johnson said.

All the success does not stop from reflecting on how special it is to be a black cowboy in a sport where there are not many. He remembers his heritage and looks to pay it forward fro his family. 

"I've just been coming from the stepping stones and learned from my grandfather and my dad then to myself," Johnson said: "I have young rodeo nephews now that watch me and come out there and watch me practicing and want to win the rodeo just as bad as I do."

His final message - is it does not matter the color of your skin.

"if your heart's in it then you know put your desire in it and be the best you can be."