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Bringing some color to the Tall City

Artworks Midland is partnering with local businesses to produce large murals and to get kids involved in community art.

MIDLAND, Texas — You might start to see some big murals pop up driving around in Midland. 

In fact, Artworks Midland partnered with Pool Techniques, Inc. and Teen Flow to put up the first big mural project of the year. 

It's all about getting kids involved in art and giving back to the community especially given that there isn't a lot of funding for these types of art projects. It also gives kids the opportunity to show off their creativity.

"Our basic outreach is just creativity you know. It’s an open canvas. I mean there’s no wrong way to do art is the way I see it," Jerry Collazo, curator of Artworks Midland said.

Teen Flow, a youth ministry group, decided to partner with Artworks Midland because the organization believed it could be a great way for kids to get out and do something in what's been a difficult past year.

"We like to get them out of the house, get them somewhere that they can kind of produce something positive and have fun with it, have fun with their peers, experience new things in the community," Samantha Carrell, Executive Director of Teen Flow said.

Overall, the turnout was pretty big. Young children and teenagers showed up and got the opportunity to help spray paint the mural that reads "Love You." It was an opportunity that Milagros Hernandes, a member of Teen Flow, couldn't pass up.

"It’s an opportunity you know because a lot of people can’t come here because of COVID, but it’s fine. We appreciate it, and also I asked all my servant leaders to come to support us and just have fun you know," Hernandes said.

It's not just Teen Flow and Artworks Midland that get to participate either. Local businesses such as Pool Techniques, Inc. got to join in on the fun by donating the wall for the mural.

"I actually had a friend reach out to me on Facebook that showed me what was going on and we had actually recently painted our building and we just thought it would be a great addition to it and just to spread positive vibes down to downtown Midland as we really don’t have much color down here," Emma White, vice president of Pool Techniques, Inc., said.

Artworks Midland hopes that this will be the first of many projects throughout Midland and hope to work with many different organizations along the way.

The mural is located at 2514 W. Ohio Ave.