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Why your Child Tax Credit might have been delayed

ABC10 viewers heard from some people at home saying they haven’t received their last Child Tax Credit payment. It pays up to $300 per child.

CALIFORNIA, USA — Bryine Huerta lives in Sacramento with her daughter and relies on Child Tax Credit money to buy essential items for her growing child, but she says she didn’t receive her funds on time like usual. 

“I got every month besides October. I have not got mine. Most of the time, I get mine by the 24th, and I never got it,” Huerta said.

Huerta says being a single mom going without the extra $250 a month has put a strain on her family.

“It helps me, and it helps with my daughter and stuff because I don’t make a lot of money. And I have bills to pay and my daughter's stuff with that, and I mean kids are expensive,” Huerta said.  

In October, the IRS announced some September payments were delayed because of a technical problem but said it has been resolved. 

“The good news is that even if there is a payment that wasn’t delivered, she’s still eligible for that money. So either her November money payments will make up for the difference by December, or she will get that money at tax time,” said Sabrina De Santiago, Golden State Opportunity (GSO) spokesperson. GSO helps people receive the financial resources they are eligible for. 

De Santiago said the delays that many people are experiencing could be because of a processing backlog or child custody issues. She is advising people to update their information with the IRS. That can be done on their website

“An important thing to note is the 15th is the last day to use the updates portal and to get your information in so that people can still get their December payments. We want to make sure people are receiving those funds, and if for some reason you haven’t, please remember to file your taxes and claim this money for you and your family at tax time,” De Santiago said.  


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