SAN A NGELO, TX — “I was just searching for a job,” John-Mark Roller said.

The drive to work started early for John-Mark Roller.

“High school just wanting to work, something I could do, and I found this,” Roller said.

The story goes, his dad and aunt went to visit his grandmother. A brainstorming session sparked an idea; what about making candles?

They ordered a starter kit online, John-Mark tried it;

“Nine years later…it, it’s still going,” Roller said.

Nine years, nearly 30 different scents, 10 different colors, it all adds up to success.

But there are some other numbers that add to the story behind his business.

“I have Spina Bifida. I was born with it. That’s where the spine doesn’t connect at a certain point,” Roller said.

However, 20 different medical events over the last few years and 26 major surgeries in his lifetime didn’t stop john mark….it only fueled his fire.

“There’s not a limit. Just because you’re limited to this. There’s not a limit,” Roller said.

There’s also no limit to his kindness.

Here’s a few more numbers for you. About three years ago, he added fundraising opportunities for local groups. Currently, those efforts have raised over $70,000 for those organizations. One more number, they get to keep 40 percent of what they sell.

Those numbers aren’t too bad when you consider John-Mark’s business started in a small duplex. From there it moved into a house with a small garage…that he quickly outgrew.

“it literally took over the house,” Roller said.

Now his workshop is in its own building. He sells his products all over Texas and even out of state.

“I didn’t know this was going to happen. I did not know it would get this big,” Roller said.

But if you ask him, he’d say he’s just living his story.

Visit John-Mark's website here.