This class at Christoval High School is all about drones.

"This is a class that it follows the world and right now the world is moving with technology,” science teacher Daniel Whetsel said.

"I think it's really, really amazing we're able to get classes that we all enjoy,” junior at Christoval High School Reece Orr said.

This class stands out to him because of the “action.”

"The hands-on work, all the other classes they all require books, I mean what do you expect? Like math class, you have to learn math from a book or a computer, well this you actually get to hold and do something instead of just sitting at a desk,” Orr said.

However, it goes beyond the "not just sitting at a desk" part. This class may be held in a cafeteria but the lessons learned here can be taken well beyond those walls.

"The end goal is to have the kids certified by the FAA to do commercial use,” Whetsel said.

After two semesters, around 100 lessons, if they're the right age, and meet the FAA standards, these Christoval students will have a jump on others right out of high school.

"Very prevalent use especially in the military, that's a good use, and good commercial use if you like photography,” Orr said.

The uses for drones go on and on: law enforcement, fire departments, wildlife management, agriculture, real estate just to name a few.

The world of technology keeps evolving, and classes at Christoval High School are doing the same. Preparing their student to fly high in the future.