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UPDATE: Water trucks will stop operating at 10 p.m., will resume Friday morning

UPDATE: Water trucks running in the high plane will resume Friday morning to go by areas they were not able to get to Thursday.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Update (Feb. 9:46 p.m.):  Water trucks operating in the high plane area to provide water to residents will stop operation at 10 p.m. Thursday, according to the City's update.

Trucks will resume operations Friday morning to go by areas they were unable to reach Thursday.

Residents are asked to leave the containers out overnight or place them out early Friday morning so they can be filled when trucks are able to go by. 

The City will send out information Friday once the water trucks have started for the day.

Update (Feb. 18 3:45 p.m.):  The City of San Angelo issued a statement Thursday stating it will run four trucks to Thursday at approximately 5 p.m. to neighborhoods without water.

According to the City's statement, the water is intended for flushing toilets. Residents in the southwest part of town -see attached map- are asked to set containers in front of their homes near the street for the City to fill them as they drive by. 

For a map of the area click here.

Each house will receive 10 gallons of water for use for flushing toilets while the water tanks are refilled.

The City will try to get to as many houses as possible in the high plane areas Thursday night as long as weather conditions permit it.

Original story.

The City of San Angelo issued a statement Thursday morning to provide updates on the current water and power situation for residents.

As of 11 a.m. Thursday, the city is still under a boil water notice. Water should be boiled before any consumption.

Progress was made Wednesday night with water pressure. Water is slowly beginning to refill water tanks, but the City still does not have any full tanks as of the time of the release.

The City went from 40 to 70 pounds of pressure leaving the plant; normal pressure at the water plant is around 80 to 90 pounds. This shows progress is being made, but it is a very slow progress.

Water crews continue working on at least five water leaks and crews are turning off meters as customers request because of frozen or broken service lines.

Power was restored to the Hickory Aquifer plant in Melvin Wednesday evening, so the City is once again receiving water from that plant. This allows the City to distribute a higher flow rate from the plant to help fill water mains, reestablish pressures and have enough extra to assist with filling the tanks.

The high/upper plane area of town may not have water for a few days because the tanks needing to be full to send water throughout the upper plane system. As experienced with the lower pressure plane, filling the lines takes a considerable amount of water before the ability to build pressure can occur.

"We still need everyone to use water responsibly at this time. Please only use water for life sustaining needs. The less demand we have on the system, the more water can be dedicated to filling tanks, citywide re-pressurizing and ultimately rescinding the boil water notice. It will take everyone’s assistance to get through this."

Because the freezing temperatures Thursday, the City advises everyone with working water to drip faucets to prevent pipes from freezing. Please make sure it is barely a drip – just enough to ensure the pipes will not freeze. Time frame for restoring water pressure is contingent on the ability to fill tanks and repair leaks as they occur.

Once full water services is restored, it is recommended to slowly open all faucets, one at a time. All residents should be aware that the City is still under a boil order notice and should follow the recommendations when the boil order is rescinded.

If citizens cannot turn their meters off and need their water turned off or need to report a leak, they may call 325-657-4295. If citizens can turn their meters off themselves, please do so.

Two dispatchers are manning the phones; please call back if no one answers.

The City does not have any water distribution sites available at this time. We have put in a request to the state for water and are waiting to hear back.

Power update as of 11 a.m. Thursday from AEP Texas - San Angelo office

Wednesday night, AEP Texas received the capacity from ERCOT that gave the ability to close all the breakers in San Angelo, allowing AEP Texas to begin restoring power to residents and businesses in San Angelo.

At the peak, 21,500 customers were out of power. There are now 1,150 customers without power as of 10:30 a.m. Thursday.

Every AEP person/crew available is in the field working to pick up the meters that have not been energized.

If a customer is still without power, please contact the AEP call center 866-223-8508 or submit a form online at aeptexas.com/outages/report/.

That will log a ticket for your account and let the crews know what needs to be worked on locally. Please check your breakers to make sure the issue is not from your end before you call.

AEP Texas continues to monitor the situation at a local and a state level.