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Community member builds and installs sinks for Miles Elementary School playground, completely free of charge

"He built those sinks and installed them, all free of charge. I just want to say thank you to Coty Ivey for that," said Miles ISD superintendent Clint Askins.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — When Miles Independent School District superintendent, Clint Askins, and Miles Elementary School principal, Curt Mckneely, reached out to the community and asked if anyone had any ideas for a handwashing station in the playground for this school year, they weren't expecting much.

"We were expecting a PVC pipe with maybe a spout on it in a couple of places," Askins said.

However, local plumber and father of two Miles Elementary students, Coty Ivey, had different plans.

"I knew the school needed handwashing stations and I wanted to help where I could," he said. 

Ivey built six sinks and installed it for the elementary school, free of charge. 

"He built those sinks and came in and installed them for us yesterday, all free of charge. Just donated it to us. I just want to say thank you to Coty Ivey for that. That's pretty impressive. They actually look really good out there," Askins said.

Askins said the sinks are just one more way the staff at Miles can do their best to keep students safe this year.

"A lot of the parents in this community, including myself, are just ready for school. We just want to have school, so we’re going to take every precautionary measure we have to," he said.

The first day of school for Miles ISD is August 19.