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In an effort to clear the animal shelter, Concho Valley PAWS is hosting a special event

In an effort to help clear the San Angelo Animal Shelter, which PAWS said is at capacity, adoption fees will be reduced for the event.
Credit: Lexis Greene

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Concho Valley PAWS said Tuesday it is offering a "fun and unique way" to reduce adoption fees in hopes of encouraging people to adopt a pet for the rest of the week.

The “Name Your Own Price Adoption Event” begins Wednesday, March 16 and runs through Saturday, March 19. Adoption hours are 1 p.m.-7 p.m. Pets can be viewed at the San Angelo Animal Shelter, 3145 US Hwy 67N or in the Concho Valley PAWS building.

The shelter is currently over capacity, a release from Concho Valley PAWS said, with more than 280 dogs in residence. The shelter and Concho Valley PAWS celebrated achieving a no-kill designation for 2021, but with the population as it is, some long-stay pets could face euthanasia, the release said.

“No-kill is not a final destination. It's not an eternal guarantee. It is a commitment we must work to keep every single day. When the number of animals entering a shelter exceed the number of animals leaving, the shelter experiences a space crisis. Too many dogs in a restricted space can lead to health and safety concerns for the pets and ultimately an inhumane environment. When there are more animals than the staff can properly clean and provide for inside a municipal shelter, euthanasia is considered,” Concho Valley PAWS Executive Director, Jenie Wilson, said in the release.

Waiving and reducing adoption fees often encourages people considering adoption to go ahead and make that move.

“At our last event, our adoption staff placed 132 pets in two weeks. It was amazing and it saved lives. We need to duplicate that, and we believe we can.” Wilson said.

Concho Valley PAWS has partnered with the City of San Angelo Animal Shelter since 2016, and the results have been a consistent decline in euthanasia, the release said. But the intake, the number of stray and surrendered animals entering the shelter, continues to stress the system.

“Unfortunately, we have also experienced a couple of slow months with adoption and transporting animals outside of our community for adoption.” Wilson said.

In November, shelter pets were exposed to an unknown toxin resulting in the suspension of adoptions during one of the busiest adoption months. In December, adoptions resumed but remained low likely because adopters were still concerned about the illness the shelter had experienced in that previous month. That situation remains under investigation by San Angelo Police Department, but the health and safety risk posed to pets has long passed.

“We have just experienced a perfect storm. We lost the opportunities to place animals in adoptive homes during our busy holiday months and intake has been consistent. We have a large population of bigger dogs which are historically harder to place due to restrictions on rental properties and apartments. Now, with the increase in gas prices and the uncertainty we face, we are seeing fewer transports,” Wilson said.

“This is a community problem, but the community is also the answer. If we could see a decrease in indiscriminate backyard breeding, if we saw more families get their pets spayed and neutered and more people keep their pet for that pet’s lifetime, it would be a huge step in the right director. If animal lovers united and agreed to foster, advocate, volunteer or simply share social media post featuring adoptable pets - we could save them all. But we have to come together.”

In addition to finding forever families, PAWS is looking for foster volunteers. Fostering saves the life of the pet that is fostered and opens a kennel for another pet in need,” Wilson said.

Concho Valley PAWS provides for all the need of a foster pet while it is in care. The volunteer does not have to expend any money. Concho Valley PAWS provides for the animal’s veterinary care and provides food, supplies, toys, bedding, and a crate.

To learn more about fostering or volunteering, go to cvpaws.org.

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