SAN ANGELO, TX — If you run into an aggressive wild animal, there are options when it comes to that defense.

"By whatever means that's available to you. Whether it's a knife, or a firearm, or pepper spray is a good option also. If you are going to use a firearm, understand there is some legal liability, wherever that round goes, you're still responsible for that round,” Presley said.

But what happens if you don’t have any of those things?

"Making big noises, throwing rocks, yelling, screaming. I would not recommend that you run, because they are predators and they chase things for a living. If you run it may trigger that pursuit response from that animal,” Presley said.

These predators are clever, and can easily adapt to their surroundings, even if it’s a residential area.

“You may find them in your backyard, you may find them downtown. And you may be surprised that they’ve been living there for months and months and months, they just stay out of sight,” Presley said.

If you do happen to see a coyote in broad daylight, that’s a red flag. It could have rabies, or something just isn’t right. The best thing to do then, is call animal control immediately.