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"Digi-Pet" app: tracks your pet while you fly

Traveling with your pets can be a hassle, and recently airlines have seen an issue with how they handle traveler's animals. Today our Brenda Matute shares the details on a new app that can help you track your animal's every move while on a plane.

The tech company UNISYS has launched an app called "Digi-Pet" to help pet-owners fly in peace as they travel with their furry friends.

"That’s going to be an airline specific thing but yes that would be unique if you were traveling with your pet," said Veterinarian Ben Inman.

Last week after a bulldog died on an American Airlines flight the company issued a statement taking full responsibility for the puppy's death.

Now, UNISYS has developed an app that allows travelers to track the conditions in which their large pets are flying in.

Inman says if you're flying with a larger animal, more often than not it will have to fly in the airplanes cargo.

"Some of the smaller dogs can actually travel as carry on where they're still confined to a soft-sided bag carrier and they can go under the seat," said Inman.

If a pet has to travel in the cargo the "Digi-Pet" app allows the owner to monitor the environment and flying conditions around the animal like the temperature, oxygen levels, vibration and light.

"It may just make you more nervous because you’re able to check it because you won’t be able to go to the cargo hold if something was different," said Inman.

The app can send alerts in case of any issues, but that could mean more stress for a pet owner.

"Maybe send some of the airline staff down there but they’re going to be checking in on the animals," said Inman.

He says no matter the size of your dog, if you're traveling make sure that your animal is crate trained.

"There's enough travel anxiety already they don’t need to be anxious just because they're confined, they will have to be confined whether they're flying in the cabin or as cargo", said Inman.

Right now, UNISYS is telling prospective flyers to contact the airline passenger division of the airport they wish to depart from to find out if an airline offers this service at that location.

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