"If you're alive, you can use our program. It absolutely does not matter what your age is, your income level, your health condition or where you live,” Zach Barrett, representatives for Coast2Coast RX said.

Zach Barrett with Coast2Coast RX is talking about the new prescription discount program launching in Tom Green County. But the program isn't just prescriptions.

"Dental services, vision, hearing, imaging, lab tests, for you know MRI's, bloodwork, diabetic supplies,” Barrett said.

This discount program is for uninsured and underinsured residents.

"Your pharmacist can run it through your insurance or this card,” Dianna Spieker, Tom Green County Treasurer said.

It doesn't just apply to those who live in Tom Green County.

"We want everybody to stay healthy,” Spieker said.

You can pick up a card at any participating pharmacy, governmental offices, libraries, health facilities, and you can print one off the Coast2Coast website. That website has many unique features, like translations in over 50 languages and price checking.

“You can go on the website and type in the medicine and see what the price is going to be so you don't have the sticker shock when you get there,” Spieker said.

The program saves you money as well as helping the county's indigent healthcare department.

"We get $1.25 for every script that's filled, all that money will go back in to indigent healthcare so it's not something we'll make a lot of money off of,” Spieker said.

For those who still say it's too good to be true.

"Try it anyway, there's no cost,” Barrett said.

Another perk, you can also use the discount card when buying your pet's medications.