The state of Texas is known for its guns. Some say this West Texas school is looking to take preventative measures in the event of a “what if?”

Early ISD held a town hall meeting Monday night to discuss the idea of implementing the “Guardian Program.” It would give designated employees the right to carry concealed handguns on school grounds.

Of course, the topic of guns always has strong opinions on both sides. So far, noting is set in stone.

But according to one Early ISD grandfather, Bob Morgan, this is something that goes further than protecting a school district from terror attacks.

"Doesn't necessarily [mean] we have to be talking about a terrorist. We could be talking about somebody that's mentally unbalanced and decides they want to do something. That's what's happening in a lot of the schools, and we need to be protected against that," Morgan said.

Let’s break down some of the stats and requirements for the Guardian Program. As of 2015, according to the Texas association of School Boards, 110 of the state’s 1,024 have policies in place that authorize designated employees to carry guns.

The training program requires 80 hours of instruction, while the designated employees must have the concealed guns locked in a safe.