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Empty soda shelves across San Diego grocery stores

Grocers say supply and an aluminum shortage are contributing to soda shortage.

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — If you've been to the grocery store lately you may have noticed your favorite sodas missing from the shelves. So, what's going on? And why are some of your favorites so hard to find?

It may feel a little like Déjà vu when you walk into the grocery store. Yes, the shelves are not completely empty like we saw last year but it's still hard to find some of your favorite soda.

At Vons in Scripps Ranch there were empty soda shelves. 

A posted sign read, “Due to supply issues your preferred soda may not be available we apologize for the inconvenience.”

In a statement Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions wrote:

“…In some cases, we are waiting for deliveries. However, we have been working closely with our vendors and suppliers to ensure that our customers have access to everything they need for their Thanksgiving celebrations. While specific categories might be constrained as we near the holiday, our stores have been diligent in providing alternative solutions and working quickly to fill any out of stocks,” wrote Melissa Hill, communications for Albertsons, Vons, Pavilions in Southern California.

This week there’s plenty of plastic 2-liter bottles of soda but it’s hard to find certain diet sodas in cans and mini cans.

“It's mostly the can but every now and then we have a hard time getting the plastic in, said Michelle Trombetta, Stump’s Family Marketplace manager.

Stump's soda aisle doesn't look like as bad other big chains, but her vendors believe it's not just supply issues.

“They haven't said anything lately but it's aluminum shortage,” said Trombetta.

As we prowled around soda aisles at various grocery stores we found some are worse than others and most often it was specialty drinks such as, Dr. Pepper Cream soda, Cherry Dr. Pepper and Barqs Root Beer that were cleaned out.

We took the matter to social media.

Asking what sodas have disappeared from your grocery store shelves?

Some of us here at CBS 8 have noticed some empty shelves at the grocery story, specifically in the soda aisle. Have you noticed empty aisles?

Posted by CBS 8 San Diego on Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Many can’t find Diet Coke, Diet Snapple and Coke Zero.

At Ralph’s in Point Loma there was plenty of Coke Zero but there was a sign posted that read "12 pack and 1/2 liter Coke, Pepsi and Canada Dry products are out.

Continue to stay on the hunt for your caffeine sugar fix. Last month Coca-Cola C.E.O said to expect sporadic shortages throughout 2022 as issues in shipping, freight and labor will be factors for empty soda shelves.

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