EASTLAND, TX — SENORA SCOTT: Congratulations on your win! Tell me about when you got the news.

DAN CRENSHAW: It came in a phone call with my opponent conceding. At a certain point the math just doesn't start to work out anymore and we were just excited that it was finally...it was like a weight was off of our shoulders, with a whole new weight added on right? But it's a good weight. It's a weight of responsibility and service and that's what we're going for this whole time.

SS: You've already served your country obviously, being a SEAL...Why run for office?

DC: Because I never wanted to stop serving as a SEAL but I did have to, for obvious reasons. I was hurt, I had to medically retire. That desire to serve never really goes away it's just how you do it and for me it was policy walk. I love policy and to maybe serve in a policy manor and when it comes to defense issues and national security issues you really need that background to understand all the different acronyms, all the different meanings and that department and this department. That's not something you learn very easily. A lot of other policy issues you can learn it but on the defense side you really can't unless you've experienced it because it's so alien to people and because a lot of it's classified. Beyond that it's about leadership. You learn what real leadership is in the SEAL teams I think. What it means to inspire someone to follow you not just give them orders to follow you. Leaders forget that distinction sometimes. Do you just have authority or are you a leader? And bringing that essence to congress where you're supposed to be persuasive and inspire people to do things not just demand and throw rocks at the other side which is more what we see. So being a part of the solution on that front is important to me.

SS: You know, Pete Davison first made those comments about you and your appearance. How did you find out? Did somebody tell you what he said?

DC: Yeah we got a bunch of text messages the next morning like 'hey you made SNL,' and I was like 'oh this isn't good.' It was highly unlikely they were favorable to my fellow republicans, they rarely are. Turns out that was the case. They went to far than even I think they intended to and who knows how that happened, I still don't know but it did. They got a lot of backlash and probably rightfully so. Our stance was just, it was offensive but that doesn't mean I need to be offended. I don't need to demand an apology or the firing of somebody. That feels so juvenile and it seems like every time in the culture wars that's what happens. And it's just not helpful and that's the conversation we had all week. And to make it right they wanted to have me on...to make it right and Lorne, the head producer, creator, called me and said you need to come this weekend. I said well I can't, I have a bunch of Veterans Day events and he said, well that's exactly why you need to come this weekend because it's Veterans Day and I said...that's a good point. And especially the message of what I wanted to give and they let me write it and give it the way I wanted to so I had a lot of control over that script which is pretty cool. They truly wanted to make it right and I appreciate that.

SS: Yeah you had some jabs for Pete Davidson. How did that go being face to face with him? How did he react to you?

DC: Oh it was good. When they first brought him in, you gotta remember, he's 24. You've gotta put everything into context, he's a 24 year old guy. He comes in…He’s kind of an 'awe shucks' kind of guy and he's a nice guy. What he said, 'I really didn’t mean it that way' I kinda believe him. You know what I mean? It is what it is but you know, he was really wanting to make it right. He really did feel that it went overboard. Everybody else felt that way too. Some things are just not funny and I think that's something that left and right can agree on. In a sense nothing is off limits but it still has to be funny and good natured. That's the essence of comedy. And that wasn't but they recognized that they figured out a way to rectify it.