After a long day at work or a tough workout you may need some time to catch your breath. The same concept applies when it comes to substance abuse or battling addiction the recovery process is an important one.

"Letting go of those things that are holding us back,” Paulette Schell program development director for ADACCV said.

But “letting go” can be more difficult than it sounds.

"Once we are kind of set in our ways humans don't change very well, you need help. That's what ADACCV is here for, we're here to help,” Schell said.

The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council of the Concho Valley or ADACCV is holding their annual "let it go run and rally" on September 30th. The last day of National Recovery Month.

"And that could be anything from drug or alcohol abuse or anything that is keeping you from where you want to be in your life,” Schell said.

ADACCV works to help residents who may need that extra push or a shoulder to lean on. This run and rally is helping them raise money for a new expansion with more rehabilitation options. The end goal; helping folks start the journey and stay on it.

"No matter how you get on the road to recovery it's definitely a worthwhile thing to do,” Schell said.

The race will be held at El Paseo and will start at 8:30am. Race day registration will begin at 7:30am.