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Flying for Thanksgiving? Here are some tips for travel

The San Antonio International Airport projects up to 17,000 travelers will depart daily during the week of Thanksgiving.

SAN ANTONIO — Millions of people are expected to fly to their Thanksgiving destinations next week.

Ahead of the holiday, the San Antonio International Airport is preparing for the influx of travelers arriving and departing throughout the holiday week. It's also reminding passengers of some dos and don'ts when traveling with festive food.

When it comes to carry on luggage, there are limits with liquids. TSA spokesperson Patricia Mancha said if passengers can spray it, spill it, pour it or pump it then it is restricted to 3.4 ounces.

"Think about potatoes. You can bring as many potatoes as you want in your carry on but once it becomes mashed potatoes -- 3.4 ounces," said Mancha.

Anything larger will need to be checked in.

"Almost every item you can think of in the world is allowed in your checked luggage that goes into the belly of the plane," she said.

Unsure? Check out TSA's website for more information.

Nationwide, millions will take to the air to travel for the holiday. Locally, airport officials projects more than 30 thousands travelers will arrive and depart daily during the week of Thanksgiving.

The busiest day of the week? The day before Thanksgiving. The Sunday after is also another busy time for travelers returning home.

Mancha strongly suggests arriving two hours before your flight departs for domestic travel, three hours if your flight is international.

"We are prepared and ready to go," said Tom Bartlett, deputy aviation director. "We want to keep people moving, we don't want anybody to slow down or be inconvenienced."

Bartlett said the airport is staffed and has others on standby if more manpower is need. As for security, the San Antonio Police Department told us the, "airport PD will add additional officers to supplement the shifts due to increase of passengers."

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