SAN ANGELO, Texas — As you drive into downtown San Angelo, there will be a new sight to see.

“You are going to be greeted by a gateway that will have on it “Historic Downtown San Angelo,” Del Velasquez, Downtown San Angelo, Inc., executive director, said.

A new gateway arch years in the making that will bring a new salute to the Concho Valley. The gateway will go overhead at the intersection of Concho Avenue and Randolph Street.

“Makes a presentation, visual, and design element. It’s a friendly way to announce hey you’re coming into a historic downtown district,” Velasquez said.

The new gateway is being brought to the City by San Angelo, which means zero tax dollars were used when it came to funding the project.

“We were fortune to have been donated a building and the building we were able to sell and the proceed are being used to invest in the creation of the gateway,” Velasquez said.

Velasquez said that this new gateway project should not be confused with the other two gateway arches that the city are in charge of, that are also coming to the downtown area.

“The other two gateways location are still being debated, but there will be one on the south part of South Chadbourne and the other on the north end in the area of the trans mobile or right as you come off the loop,” Velasquez said.