San Angelo known to be a town full of hidden treasures.
Often times those treasures get lost or forgotten. That wasn’t the case with 45 year old wallet found at Lake Nasworthy.

It was just an ordinary day in June for San Angelo resident John Riley who decided to go night fishing with his friend. But instead of catching a fish he caught a hidden treasure.

"I was about right there were I casted my line so I reeled it in I was going to check my bait I reeled it in and there was a wallet just barely hooked under my hook” San Angelo resident John Riley said.

His first reaction--- to freak out! Then…

"I thought to myself after I looked through it and found the social security card and id that's been there for 45 years I thought how cool would it be to find the guy that owns this" Riley said.

As soon as John got home, he put it on Facebook, San Angelo’s Craigslist and Tom Green County Trading Post. Within a few hours he found out who the wallet belonged to. But it wasn’t the owner who claimed it.

"Coming to find out he had passed away in 2008 of pancreatic cancer which kind of upset me but I was able to find his sister and I was able to return it back to them” Riley said.

John Riley then met up with Connie Evans ---sister to the late Kenneth Budden.
"After all this I had gained a new friend named Connie Evans and we’ve experienced some of the same things as far as losing family members cause I lost my dad 2 years ago and I knew what it would mean to this family if I was to return it back to them” Riley said.

John Riley said it brought him great joy to be a part of a kind gesture and a great experience for Budden’s family members.

“You know I didn't think anything of it I didn't think it was a very big deal I just wanted to find the owners of it and get it back to them because if somebody had something that belong to my dad that they found in the water I would want it back it would mean a lot to me and my family” Riley said.