SAN ANGELO, TX — "We want to develop a training platform that can build and train the most functionally fit human that there is," said Alpha Warrior Pro Kevin Klein. “You got all that muscle what do you do with it."

"It brings a new feeling of excitement and morale and comradery and new elements to their fitness that they don’t necessarily get when they're doing pushups and sit ups," said Rebekah Bonilla, Alpha Warrior Pro and real estate agent.

“It gives us a purpose, a reason to train; I want to get that alpha warrior rig, I want to complete it," said Klein.

“We hit the physical obviously its physically demanding its really challenging, its emotional you go through up and downs you’re thinking I can I can’t do it,” said Klein. “You hit the social obviously look at all the people that we've got its a team building experience, you’re cheering your buddies on and then its spiritual because when you complete that course it is a spiritual experience.”

"The funniest part is seeing their excitement," said Bonilla.

"the funniest part about traveling is getting to talk to the airmen,” said Klein.

"When I talk to them and they tell me their stories about their family and how they go through that, my issues and my time away is minor compared to what these guys do," said Klein.

"It’s an honor to be able to give something that is exciting for our U.S. service members,” said Bonilla.