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How will Amazon deliver on time this holiday? Here's a look into their North Texas air hub

Millions of people are shopping online this Cyber Monday. But with the supply chain shortage, how is a company like Amazon keeping up with the demands?

HASLET, Texas — It’s Cyber Monday, and millions of people are shopping online. With the supply chain shortage, how is a company like Amazon keeping up with the demands? 

WFAA got incredible access to one of the main air hubs in Texas to see it firsthand.

From the air to the ground to human robots and onto conveyer belts, Amazon employees are working around the clock.

Hundreds of thousands of packages are going through one of the main Amazon air hubs in Haslet during this peak season.

"It’s a busy day for us. it’s right after Black Friday, it’s Cyber Monday, this is our Super Bowl,” said Daniel Martin, the regional PR Manager for Amazon.

With the chip shortage to staff shortage, businesses are hurting everywhere.

“It’s no secret, there has been supply chain challenges globally,” said Martin.

The big question is, will we get our packages in time for Christmas and the holidays?

“We’ve hired over 450,000 people since the start of the pandemic,” said Martin.

Amazon says they’ve been preparing all year for peak season.

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area alone, there are 35,000 employees working.

“We’ve been investing heavily in our transportation infrastructure to increase capacity to more planes in the sky,” said Martin.

At the regional air hub in Haslet, there are 18 flights daily, coming in from around the country.

Packages that are getting off one of the planes will sit for less than four hours, then off they go to your door step.

“There are over 500,000 packages a day move through here,” said Martin.

That’s 3.5 million packages a week going through one facility alone.

Amazon’s spokesperson says they’re ready for the demands.

“On our website, Amazon.com, there is a delivery date, a window that offers one to two day shipping,” said Martin.

They’re confident in on time deliveries.

“We have the right products at the right places, increasing employees, more planes, trucks, to build out the network,” said Martin.

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