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Kids share what kindness means to them

Students at the International School of Minnesota shared with KARE 11 what they view as kindness and what adults can learn from them.

EDEN PRAIRIE, Minn — Ahead of World Kindness Day, KARE 11 reporter Eva Andersen spent time with students at the International School of Minnesota to speak with them about the topic of kindness: what it means, how they show it, and what others can learn from them.

What does kindness mean to you?

Ruqiya Jama, 1st grade: It means helping someone.   

Bella Salupo Brewer, 2nd grade: If someone drops something, you can help pick it up for them. 

Ava Kletti, 11th grade: To me, kindness means true compassion for others.

Quinn Mark, 8th grade: It's something that helps form a community.

Matthew Eid, 11th grade: When someone does something for you without an expectation of getting something in return.

Arsal Chaudhary, 5th Grade: Being nice to everyone you know that is your friend and isn't your friend.

Sama Nachar, 3rd grade: Making them feel happy.

Minha Ali, 8th Grade: All are capable of showing it, it just takes courage to do so.

Can you think of a time when someone was kind to you that really meant a lot?

Sama Nachar, 3rd grade: They've helped me, like if I've said a word wrong.

Aayan Iqbal, 11th grade: During my SAT I forgot my calculator, and someone really nice offered me their calculator.

What are ways that you have shown kindness to others?

Kebeh (Grace) Temeh, 12th grade: How I show kindness to my elders is by respecting them.

Robin Liu, 12th grade: Holding the door open for others.

Kseniya Hnetsko, 12th grade: I love making surprises for my friends for their birthdays.

Sama Nachar, 3rd grade: I helped someone answer a question.

Ava Kletti, 11th grade:  Driving people to practice, driving people home from practice.

Where did you learn to be kind, or who did you learn it from?

Ruqiya Jama, 1st grade: Myself!

Kebeh (Grace) Temeh, 12th grade: I learned kindness for my mother, because I feel like she has a really good heart.

Is being kind easy, is it hard, is it sometimes somewhere in between?

Kebeh (Grace) Temeh, 12th grade: I would say it's easy.

Arsal Chaudhary, 5th Grade: Easy.

Ava Kletti, 11th grade: It can be easy, but the really important times is when it's hard.

Victoria Garrigues, 7th grade: It is difficult to be kind if somebody is not kind with you, but it is important.

Do you think adults can learn from kids about kindness?

Arsal Chaudhary, 5th Grade: Definitely.

Ruqiya Jama, 1st grade: I can teach them how to be more kind.

Kseniya Hnetsko, 12th grade: Kids--they are very sincere. They don't think about future benefits or something they can get from acting kind.

Ava Kletti, 11th grade: Kids so easily can kind of put themselves in other people's shoes and as adults, learning how to do that again I think is really important.

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