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La Esperanza Clinic reports more flu shot participants this October

"More people are being proactive this year when it comes to receiving their flu shot," said Norma Lee from La Esperanza Clinic.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — This upcoming winter is what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention refers to as a triple threat. Between COVID-19, influenza, and cold weather, many people are at high risk of getting sick in these next few months.

"When we see those three, that can really make people sick," said Norma Lee from La Esperanza Clinic in San Angelo.

According to health experts, getting a flu shot not only helps your body fight influenza, but it could also help your immune system prevent COVID-19 since both COVID-19 and the flu are respiratory illnesses.  

"The flu shot is one of those simple, usually covered items that if people have health insurance, they can come in and get that done and have that added layer of protection," Lee said.

Norma Lee said La Esperanza Clinic has seen an increase in the number of people coming into the clinic to receive that added protection.

"Before, people would come in and they'd say, 'oh yeah, flu shot season is upon us!' and it was kind of an afterthought, whereas now people are seeing the benefit of preventing the flu and being proactive. They're coming in specifically for the flu shot," she said.

La Esperanza Clinic has a walk-in flu shot clinic every Monday and Friday.