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Looking for beer and barbecue? A new San Angelo brewery partners with a food truck for just that

Wandering Mind Brewery and Frieda's Sweets and Meats are coming together for a combination of beer, dinner and dessert.
Credit: Morgan McGrath

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Looking for an elevated experience with beer, dinner and dessert? 

A new San Angelo brewery is partnering with Freida's Sweets & Meats food truck to serve the community with beer and barbecue. 

"I love smoked meats," food truck owner Freida Cooney said. "That's really, kind of my passion but I also really like good sauces and fine dining." 

Cooney has been working at her food truck since 2015. Growing up with a family of fifth generation West Texas ranchers, she has transformed her skills into a full time career. 

In fact, the chef previously spent time in television and was even featured on "Barbecue Pit Masters" and "Chopped," where she showcased her skills to a larger audience. 

Credit: Morgan McGrath

"I think they set it up to be a real challenge," Cooney said of her time on "Chopped." "I think it tests no matter what level of chef you are, whether you're just a backyard barbecue or all the way to a thirty year veteran chef at some fine dining resort or something, it really does challenge you because they really give you a limited amount of time to cook things." 

Cooney previously graduated from Angelo State University but continued her education in culinary school following her time on the screen. 

Now, she has decided to take on a new challenge: partnering with the soon-to-open Wandering Mind Brewery to create new menu items as much as possible. 

"It's kind of like what I've been wanting to do and we just found each other, serendipity, you know," she said. 

The brewery will be open for a soft launch June 23 and 24, serving unique creations like "Early to the Party" Sangria Golden and "Weather Report" Belgian Style Triple. 

Cooney has created charcoal "smashburgers" for the launch based on her taste test of the beers and the pair plan to open full time July 15 for a new dining experience. 

There will also be the chance to sit outside and play cornhole while spending time with family and friends. 

"I really like the idea of barbecue and elevated beer and barbecue," Cooney said. 

Go to Wandering Mind Brewery to learn more information or for updates on San Angelo's newest dining endeavor. 

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