One of SAPD's finest got accepted to the prestigious FBI academy. Lt. Ed Kading is one of several members of SAPD who have earned this honor.

SENORA SCOTT: “You're getting the opportunity to do something very exciting tell me about that."

LT. ED KADING: "Well I was, it's been almost a year ago, that i was told I had a spot at the FBI national academy in Quantico, Virginia."

Lt. Ed Kading is currently over the street crimes division at the San Angelo Police Department, but he's done more than that in his many years spent wearing a badge.

"I've done patrol, criminal investigation, narcotics, I was in the internal affairs division for a while, I was over the training academy for a time,” Kading said.

However, out of all of that he said what he's doing now is his favorite. What made him want to get into law enforcement in the first place?

"My father passed away when I was 16 and a DPS trooper who was a friend of the family, kind of kept an eye on me took me under his wing. Everywhere ewe went together people always had the upmost respect for him,” Kading said.

Lt. Kading is well respected in the community but it's safe to say getting into the fbi academy will only add to that.

"It's literally a once in a career opportunity,” Kading said.

Their acceptance rate is one percent.

SS: "What all will you be doing or how will you be training for this?

EK: "It's an 11 week program, and you stay at the FBI Academy on the Marine Corps Base Quantico. I'll be taking 17 hours of graduate level college classes, such as governmental finance, law enforcement executive training."

Lt. Kading says there's so much to look forward to. They'll hear from speakers, take tours of historical sites, museums, and more, but he's most excited about learning all he can then passing that knowledge on.

EK: "Be able to come back and give that to this department to the guys and girls that work for men and be able to leave a bigger impact than I planned to originally."

SS: "So no worries, you're coming back."

EK: "I am coming back. I have a family here, I have friends here. I'm coming back."

Lt. Kading will graduate from the FBI Academy on December 15th.