It's a story of paying it forward, but with a unique spin. A relatively new organization giving to multiple, and making a huge difference along the way.

“I wanted to add a twist to it,” Director of the San Angelo Cowboy Gathering Terri Holland said.

Terri Holland said the San Angelo cowboy gathering all started with her friendship with famous western entertainer Red Steagall. Little did she know, the event would soon bring in fans of the western lifestyle and music from all over.

"From the East Coast to West Coast, from Canada to Mexico. About 12,000 people every year,” Holland said.

These kinds of gatherings aren't new to the Western World, but until 5 years ago, it was to San Angelo. Holland took the reins, started that nonprofit with a twist and hasn't stopped since.

"I think it's such a neat idea for one nonprofit to give to another, I think it's almost unheard of,” Holland said.

And the San Angelo Cowboy Gathering has given...a lot.

"This will bring our total to about 93,000 in the five years we've done this so we're doing a lot of good in the community,” Holland said.

This year's recipient; West Texas Rehab.

"It impacted our patients directly because it is a straight donation that's going straight to our direct care of patients,” Director of Donor Relations Justin DeLoach said.

They received just over $13,000 dollars. Money that will make a big dent when it comes to caring for the over 530 patients they see every day.

"They have just basically put in a gift that is gonna change more lives in a faster time,” DeLoach said.

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