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'No Limits Monster Trucks & Thrill Show' drives to Foster Communications Coliseum March 11

Tickets for this annual event are on sale now.
Credit: Morgan McGrath

SAN ANGELO, Texas — King Krunch, Outlaw Wrangler, Prime Time and more racers will be at Foster Communications Coliseum 7 p.m. March 11, for the annual "No Limits Monster Trucks & Thrill Show" event. 

This one-day only experience provides viewers of all ages the chance to see 10,000 pound trucks in action with contests, a bracket with races and more. 

"We have a lot of families coming to this event," Checkered Flag Promotions owner Ed Beckley said. "Especially in San Angelo, it's unbelievable." 

Beckley owned an auto body shop in San Angelo back in the 1970s and he enjoys coming back every year with the monster trucks. 

In fact, last year, the line went from the ticket booth all the way out to East 43 Street and according to Beckley, visitors come from Sweetwater, Midland and other West Texas locations. 

Saturday's event will begin with a wheelie contest where attendees can vote on their favorite truck. From there, the vehicles will be placed in a bracket accordingly where they will race against one another.

For the first time ever in San Angelo, the trucks are also going to show off a new racing style, where they will start out on opposite sides. 

"It's really exciting because you're kind of watching them both at the same time...," Beckley said. 

Most of the monster trucks range anywhere from 1250-1700 horsepower with 66-inch tall, 4-foot wide tires. For reference, the average car comes in at approximately 180-200 HP in comparison. 

Although the trucks only visit San Angelo once a year, they are constantly traveling across Canada and the United States to bring their show to a large audience. 

"A lot of monster truck guys, this is not their vacation either. It's what they do for a living," Beckley said. 

Whether in a big or small venue, the monster truck experience offers something for everyone. 

"We can go to smaller towns and still have fun," Beckley said. 

Go to nolimitsmonstertrucks or the Foster Communications Box Office to purchase tickets now. 

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