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Orangetheory set to open in January of 2019 in San Angelo

Another new business is set to open in January of 2019 in San Angelo.

SAN ANGELO, TX — Orangetheory Fitness is a gym focused on group workouts. Franchise owner Keith Toogood says, all the demographics lined up when it came to choosing San Angelo to set up shop. He says they differ from other gyms because you're competing with yourself but working out in a group setting. The workouts also focus on the heart-rate which health experts say has its benefits.

"The mayo clinic has done research about Orangetheory and the type of workouts that we do, and they've said that these types of workouts reverse aging. So, to say that is pretty phenomenal,” Toogood said.

Now San Angelo has joined the likes of the rest of their West Texas region, including Llubock, Amarillo, Midland, Odessa, and Abilene.