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'Prayer warrior' who's reluctant to smile is gifted new dentures through Little Wish

Medical bills prevented Mary Mabry from affording proper dentures until a fellow church member nominated her for a Little Wish.

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They first met at Christian Chapel Temple of Faith in Dallas, then a dark time drew Natalie Davis and Mary Mabry together.

“Miss Mary is my spiritual mother,” Davis said. “I lost my mother six years ago, and she stepped into that role.”

Mabry remembers when she learned Davis' mother had died.

“I just know the spirit of God spoke to me and told me go be with Natalie,” Mabry recalled. “I don’t drive, but I was determined I was gonna go – even if I had to take the bus.”

Credit: Natalie Davis
Mary Mabry and Natalie Davis

The guidance through grief Mabry provided felt like an answered prayer. And as the years passed, Davis continued to learn from her.

“She is a prayer warrior and she just has a beautiful heart. Always giving and always serving,” Davis said of Mabry. “That’s the spiritual gift that she has – to serve people.”

The woman with the beautiful heart also has a beautiful smile, Davis said. But Mabry is reluctant to show it because she can’t afford dentures.

Davis nominated Mary for a Little Wish and asked for help paying for dentures for Mabry.

Credit: WFAA
Natalie surprised Mary with her Little Wish during a Zoom call with WFAA.

On a Zoom call, Davis choked back tears as she surprised Mabry with the news.

“Your Little Wish from Sam Pack Auto Group is a $4,000 gift card to cover the cost of new dentures,” Davis revealed.

The wish seemed to come with divine timing.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh,” Mabry said several times. “I had just declared to the Lord that I will have dentures. I just made that declaration unto the Lord in prayer – and look what’s happening.”

Just as Mabry answered Davis' prayers years before, now Davis is answering Mabry’s.

“I prayed about it because there were so many medical bills and I’m thinking, how is this going to happen? But, I believed it was going to happen and this morning it happened,” Mabry said. “My prayers have been answered. I can’t wait to smile.”

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