Typically this time of year, West Texans are used to a burn ban set in place.

However, county commissioners say the recent rains have cause no need for one.

Although our vegetation is happy about the moisture, first responders say with rain comes tall grass.

“With these grasses and the heat we’re having, we’re going to dry up the atmosphere real quick and be pretty ripe for some big problems,” Ross Coleman, San Angelo’s fire marshal, said.

“Our volunteer fire departments work very hard, and they have to work extra hard during the Fourth of July weekend in result of that,” County Commissioner Rick Bacon said.

The city would like to remind people that even though the burn ban is lifted, fireworks are still not to be used or shot off in city limits at this time.

If caught, you could receive a citation up to $2,000. This includes not disposing of your firework remnants correctly.