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San Angelo PD: Minor crash on loop leads to two more crashes at Knickerbocker and Valleyview

Police say a driver left the scene of the crash on the loop and the other party involved followed him, leading to more crashes on Knickerbocker.
Credit: Sandy Rojas

SAN ANGELO, Texas — What started as a minor hit-and-run on Loop 306 resulted in two additional crashes at Knickerbocker Road and Valleyview Boulevard.

San Angelo Police Department Officer Kvittem said the first crash involved a yellow Ford Bronco and a white sedan. Kvittem said that crash had not yet been reported to the department. 

"And that's kind of what caused everything from here," he said. "The yellow Bronco started chasing after the white vehicle, trying to get the license plate number."

The Bronco ran a red light at the intersection of Knickerbocker and Valleyview and hit a blue SUV. The Bronco then spun out and hit a Camaro in the southbound lane. 

A citation was issued to the driver of the Bronco disregarding the red light. Drivers of the Bronco, the SUV and the Camaro were all treated by paramedics at the scene.

"The driver of the white car, I learned, that's the vehicle that took off. We had a witness that was actually following him...when he came back he crashed out...that would make wreck number three," Kvittem said.

That driver was rushed to the hospital, the officer said. He did not have an status of the driver's condition at the scene. 

Kvittem said in addition to the ticket issued to the Bronco driver, the driver of the sedan will be cited "at least for failure to maintain a single lane of traffic and leaving the scene of an accident (for the first wreck).

The officer said the driver of the white sedan could face more citations after the traffic investigation concludes.

An update from the SAPD said after further investigation, officers and motors have decided to write up both offenses, fail to stop and leave information (for the hit-and-run) and reckless driving. He will have a warrant in the future for the arrestable offenses. 

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