San Angelo known to be a town full of gems: one such as spreading kindness.

One local seamstress uses her talents to make a difference in the community.

Tailored Creations Seamstress Toni Spearman said "My gift is in my hands".

Toni Spearman says she uses her hands to sew, alter, create, design and bring love to the community.

"I been sewing since I was a little girl 9-10 years old my oldest sister had the oldest thing a sewing machine and I watched her sew and was very fascinated,” Spearman said.

From there on she instantly feel in love and couldn’t wait to start sewing.

"With the ability of a sewing machine and skill and technique you add buttons you add should pads you add design pockets and you make something that is amazing,” Spearman said.

Her inspiration: Her clients.

"I get more hugs in this business than I have think I ever had in anything I ever done,” Spearman said.

Toni Spearman says she personally understands the parent struggle first-hand and wants to make a difference this new school year.

"My dream is to be able to give to a family or families some school supplies or some custom bags that I made and help lighten some parent’s loans”, Spearman said.

The bags are looking to include basic school necessities such as glue, pencils, crayons and paper.

"I hope their reaction is a sense of pride and a sense of confidence and even perhaps a sense that someone loved them enough or thought of them enough to make it for them and gave it to them they didn't have to pay anything for it, it was a gift,” Spearman said.
Everyone loves a gift!