The Selena 2018 bags sold this morning at H-E-B stores and on the grocery chain’s website have already made it to a popular sales site on the internet, with prices starting around $45. Sellers on eBay were accepting bids on the bags this afternoon.

Some are being sold in combo packs with the March 2018 edition of the bag, or the reusable cups featuring the “Queen of Cumbia” that were sold by Stripes stores.

H-E-B stores opened their doors for sales of the bag at 6 a.m. Thursday and the online site began having issues shortly after that. On Thursday afternoon, the website issues appear to have been resolved with bags still appearing to be available for purchase.

Locally, the two H-E-B locations were shipped approximately 5,600 bags for customers to purchase (two at a time) in-store for $2, plus tax.

So far, the bags don't appear to be for sale on any local social media pages.