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The City of San Angelo's Municipal Pool is increasing its capacity limit

The pools maximum capacity is going up from 100 people to 250.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — For the better part of summer, the City of San Angelo's Municipal Pool has had to limit the number of people allowed to enter.

"We were given a strict max of 100 through the gate, that's it. Nobody else can come in," said the city's recreational supervisor, John Henry Perez. 

However, because COVID-19 cases in San Angelo have been on the decline recently, city officials are now allowing the pool to move its capacity from 100 people to 250. Which, is still just 50% of the pool's capacity. 

For those who do choose to take a trip to the pool, the experience will be a little bit different than normal.

"We are sanitizing and disinfecting after every rotation for our lifeguards. We also are enforcing social distancing. We are actually making patrons wear masks if they don't plan on getting in the water or are not in the water. When you get in the water and you're going to be swimming, you don't have to wear your mask, but if you're outside the water you have to," Perez said.

The Municipal Pool is open Tuesday - Sunday from 12 p.m. - 6 p.m. It will be open through August 16 and then will only be open on the weekends. The 2020 season will officially close on Monday, Sept. 7.