SAN ANGELO — “It is illegal in the state of Texas and as well as many other states to have

your car parked un attended in a public road way,” Officer Tracy Gonzalez said.

Many wonder if San Angelo police department is above the law when it comes to this rule. Officer Tracy Gonzalez says why you may see a police car running unattended on a public road.

“We do leave our vehicles running for two reasons, we may need to get into that vehicle and take off very quickly but also our vehicle are outfitted with tons of equipment. Yes, we do leave our vehicles running but they are locked and we are responding for call for service,” Gonzalez said.

The San Angelo police department do have tips on how to keep you from getting a citation and your car in your driveway.

“Get two separate keys if you have to go out and warm up your car make sure it is locked these criminals are looking for easy targets they are trying all door handles. If you can lock your vehicle and its park in your drive way use that extra key and keep the car locked and warm it up,” Gonzalez said.