The U.S. Census Bureau says around 120,000 people live in Tom Green County and according to the Tom Green County elections office, just over 64,000 of them are registered to vote.

"We did see a little bit higher in May than we had in some other May elections,” Vona Hudson said.

Election Administrator Vona Hudson says when it comes to voter turnout, it all depends on what or who's on the ballot.

"If you want to have some say in your local government that's really the only chance you have," Hudson said.

You still have to be a registered voter when it comes to local government and those issues that affect residents the most.

"Where you can smoke and where you can't smoke rules, how often you can have garage sales, what you can do with your animals. There are a lot of day to day things that effect our citizens they have the impact on," Hudson said.

But what about those "temporary residents" at our colleges? Efforts are in place to promote voter registration. One example, a volunteer sets up at Angelo State University for weeks prior to big elections.

"It was very, very helpful, we didn't see nearly the students caught off-guard and not being able to vote in November because had been out there working and getting everybody registered and up to date," Hudson said.

To be able to vote according to the Tom Green County website, you have to be 18 or older, be a United States citizen, and you have to live in the county you're registering in. For those still on the fence;

"Voting does matter. Each vote counts," Hudson said.

The next opportunity to vote is on November 7th and there are 7 propositions on that ballot.