Raised in San Angelo and a central high school graduate, Colonel Ricky Mills is back to his old stomping grounds after as the new commander of the 17th training wing here at Goodfellow Air Force Base.

"I chose this profession because it's the same profession my father did. Came here in 1995, graduated in '96 and here I am 21 years later and 14 assignments later,” Col. Mills said.

He graduated from Goodfellow but quickly moved on to perform his duties as an intelligence officer.

"I spent a lot of time in the flying community, flying as an Intel officer on the RC 135 and then I also did a special duty type assignment with our joint special operations forces,” Col. Mills said.

As for his new position, he doesn’t plan to make many major changes.

"So there are no hard left or right turns,” Col. Mills said.

He says he'll continue to do what Goodfellow has always done.

"To train develop and inspire,” Col. Mills said.

However he does want to focus on creating new relationships with partners in the community and within the military, all in an effort to build new opportunities for those both on base and off.

"Making this place an Air Force targeting center of excellence but also making it a joint targeting center of excellence so we can bring other partners of service here as well,” Col. Mills said.

He's already gotten started on several of those partnerships but what about when he gets home from work?

"Well I have a 5 year old and a two year old so I don't have any hobbies anymore but when I can sneak away, well, if you're from West Texas you have to like high school football and I love sports in general,” Col. Mills said.

Colonel Mills says growing up he played basketball on probably every court in town and since his move back has already attended several high school and college sporting events.