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Three Earthquakes shook West Texas on Thursday morning

The city of Snyder was close to the epicenter of the earthquakes that took place Feb. 16.

SAN ANGELO, Texas — To the residents of West Texas, they feel like they have experienced more earthquakes this year than in the past. You never know how to prepare for something unexpected like a quake but when it comes, it is beyond words.

"It just felt like the whole house was vibrating...shaking," Brownwood resident Wes Kearney said. "I've never felt one that strong before."

Residents in Snyder and Brownwood felt the 4.7 magnitude earthquake while those in Big Spring and Abilene reported they felt their homes shaking as well. 

"I've noticed that we have had more [earthquakes] than usual. We have felt at least two over the last six weeks," Kearney said.

Within the area, there have been a handful of quakes as we enter the second half of February. 

Typically, earthquakes are thought to occur most frequently between April and October. Nonetheless, residents must be cognoscente of the likelihood that their homes can be shook up at a moments notice. 

You can stay up to date on earthquakes in your area by downloading apps like "Earthquake, Alerts and Map" on the Apple App Store or by using resources like ready.gov to create safety plans.


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